Spears Land Art In The Tovdal Valley

The first 43 spears where installed in 1986, starting at Dølemo (see the map). Another 4 spears were installed in 2006. The final 3 spears were installed at Hillestadheia in 2016. The distance from Dølemo to Hillestadheia is roughly 20 kilometers. The spears at Dølemo stands at about 175 meters above sea level, while the last group stands at 860 meters above sea level. Here is a slideshow of all 18 groups of spears, and here a map showing where Tovdal is located in Norway.

Overview with map of the land art installation.
Agderposten 2006-07-01: "Djerv kunst". About Anne-Tove's land art installation.
NRK TV 1990 program about "Spydene i Tovdal".
Film about Anne-Tove's art (2014).